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Vitality Stack - (NRF2, NRF1, ProBio, Omega+

Activated Essentials Stack - (NRF2, NRF1, ProBio)

Healthy Glow Essentials - (Activated Liquid Collagen + NRF2)

Ultimate Stack - (NRF2, NRF1, NAD, Prebiotic, ProBio, Omega+)

Activate Daily Wellness Stack - (NRF2 + LifeVantage Daily Wellness)

Activation + Energy Stack - (NRF2 + AXIO)


I'm Dr. Brett Brimhall

I'm a husband, father, and doctor - dedicated to help you achieve optimal health.

I've worked for years alongside my father, Dr. John Brimhall, to Bring Wellness to the World by teaching doctors and patients worldwide to realize the miracles that result from the Six Steps to Wellness.

My focus is helping people learn how to get & stay healthy physically, mentally, and biochemically, and I believe in effective, realistic, and sustainable change that creates real solutions to your problems with personal, individualized care.

Are you supplementing or ACTIVATING?