BYOG Party

How to Declutter Your Life BYOG Party

with Heather Aardema and Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

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During the Declutter BYOG Party...


  • Discover why your clutter is painfully keeping you blocked in so many facets of life... including your physical and mental health.
  • Learn what "clutter" actually is (and the various types of clutter)
  • How clutter impacts your mind, body, and health (truly eye-opening research!)
  • A Functional Medicine Perspective for addressing your clutter (the clutter is the SYMPTOM, identify the CAUSE.)
  • 5 Tips to embrace as you create a Clutter-Free Home
Plus, Heather was gracious enough to share her slides!!
I'm a former clutter-bug turned minimalist and the founder of School of Living Lighter. I'm also a National Board & Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, as well as a Certified Life Coach.

As a TV ad executive, I spent two decades convincing people that they needed the latest gadget to be happy. Struggling to find deeper meaning in my job towards the end of my corporate career, I couldn't take off my extra weight, my home was cluttered, and life felt complicated and heavy. 


Then, I discovered minimalism—the intentional pursuit of focusing on what matters most by removing the distractions that remove one from life—and felt myself getting lighter by the day. I walked away from corporate, embraced a new way of living, and today have helped thousands tackle their clutter, un-complicate their lives, and lose their excess weight (mental, emotional and physical) for good.

Clutter is more than just a messy room.
It drains your body of energy and vibrant health.
It shows up everywhere and you can learn how to identify it and release it from your life.